Counter Fraud & 

Investigation Directorate 



Daniel heads the operational teams bringing his expertise from central government law enforcement and 3rd sector


Dave heads our digital forensics & cyber crime units, working with partners to reduce the impact from digital crime, including police forces and government

Key business assurance services for the public sector.


Our team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective counter-fraud and investigative support to central and local government.

Our approach is to make the best possible tools and resources available to those who either couldn't access them or those who are overwhelmed with work. Because we are a public authority these services are delivered 'at cost' making us a national competitor to the private sector firms.


We have helped public sector bodies increase their fraud detection rate from an high of £388k per year to £1.8m <Read>.

We are extremely competent in supporting other agencies with providing resilience to their own investigations, such as forensic engagement, Proceeds of Crime work and proactive programmes of economic crime management.


Nick heads our intelligence functions, ensuring our partners are protected from crime using the latest technology and techniques

About Us


David heads our directorate.  With over 19 years experience from law enforcement and private sector dealing with crime threats

Our Mission

 Protect front-line services

Before us, public sector organisations had to seek resolution to complex business assurance issues from the private sector. These engagements often bring considerable costs with limited outcomes. Our reputation and history of success in helping public bodies speaks for itself. We bring the best tools as resources available in the market, but without the large fees.


02. Providing the best experts

The complex, important, and often challenging matters on which we work attract the best and brightest specialists from the UK's leading agencies. The experience and accreditation gained by our staff from agencies such as the Metropolitan Police, National Crime Squad and HM Revenue & Customs ensure your organisation receives the best possible solution.


03. Reducing the costs but not the services

As a public sector body we are unable to earn a profit as we provide services on a Public/Public basis. We’re committed to providing you with comparative professional services from the

'Big 4' but at below market rates.